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CAS No.:96702-03-3

Ectoin, is an Cyclic amino acid derivate developed by Freda’s fermentation technology. As an important substance for extremophiles to survive in extreme environments, ectoin can promote the association of water molecular clusters and form hydration layer around DNA and proteins, so as to protect macromolecules and cell membranes inside microbes from damage caused by ULTRAVIOLET light, high temperature and high salt etc. Ectoin has remarkable protective and repairing efficacy, can help resist skin external stimulus, and can be widely used in various personal care products。



1. Moisturizing

Ectoin can repair skin barrier and bind water, so as to promote the association of water molecules and increase the moisture content in skin.


2. Soothing

Ectoin can enhance the activity of Langerhans cells, increase skin anti-sensitive ability, and protect sensitive skin.


3. Repairing

Ectoin can repair skin damage caused by UV rays.



Soluble in water, can be directly added to the water phase.



Strict quality control is implemented in the production process and our company has passed ISO9001, ISO22000, Halal and Kosher certificates.



500g/bottle, 10kg/carton, or customize


Storage and shelf life

Keep under cool dry conditions in unopened packs away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 24 months.


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