CAS no. : 552-41-0


Appearance: white or light yellow with luster needle-like crystals or crystalline powder

Odor: Characteristic odor

Content: > 99%

Product introduction

Peonies have a reputation in China for their showy flowers, which are important in medicine and cosmetics as well as ornamental. Peony root contains paeonol, in cosmetics, paeonol has the effect of inhibiting oxygen free radicals, whitening spots.


Paeonol can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, whiten the skin, reduce and fade the pigment deposited in the skin, and eliminate the silt and spots.

The chemical structure of paeonol and its derivatives has phenolic hydroxyl functional groups, which can combine with the free radical active substances to generate stable compounds to remove oxygen free radicals.

Scope of application: facial mask, essence, moisturizer, moisturizer and other toning products.

Usage: 0.1% ~ 1.0%

Packing: 1kg/ bag, 25kg/ bucket

Preservation period: keep under light and airtight storage, the best storage temperature: 2~10℃, 24 months.

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