Polyglutamic Acid
Polyglutamic Acid

Product Description

γ-polyglutamic Acid (γ-PGA), was firstly found in the cells of Bacillus anthracis in the early 20th century, and it’s an important part of the cell capsule. As a biopolymer, it’s water-soluble, biodegradable and non-toxic. In 1942, researchers found that γ-PGA can be produced from some certain Bacillus by fermentation. Later, people also found γ-PGA in Japanese food-Natto, and at the same time, Bacillus natto was successfully extracted.


The basic structure of γ-PGA consists of L-glutamic acid and D-glutamic acid through  γ-amide bond. Large number of carboxyl groups along the molecule chain of γ-PGA can form hydrogen bonding in a molecule or between different molecules. Thus it has high water absorbility and moisture-retaining capability. The carboxyl group of γ-PGA can chelate heavy metal ions in soil, thus the soil quality can be improved and PH range can be controlled.


Product Structure


Product Efficacy


1. Increasing crop yield and quality: Improving crop resistance, promoting rooting and seedlings


2. Soil improvement: Improving soil consolidation, increasing soil water-holding capacity, reducing soil salinity


3. Increasing efficiency of pesticide and fertilizer: Helping adhesion, slow release and control release, and improving utilization rate


Action Characteristics

 Long-Action and slow release, can be effective for 2-3 months.

High content, easy to carry and use

When used with pesticide, the utilization rate and action time of pesticide can be improved, also the photosynthesis of plant can be increased.


Product advantages


Strong scientific research strength

Food grade fermentation workshop

Unique patent bacterial strain

International leading fermentation process

Duration of gold fermentation

More lasting action time


Product types

No.Product NamePGA ContentFeatures
L-103,107,110Instant Action Liquid3.5%,7%,10%Quickly absorption, become effective in 5-7days
L-203,207,210long-action Liquid3.5%,7%,10%Long-action slow-release, effective in 2-3 months
S-230Concentrated powder30%High content, easy to use
C-110Clarified  Liquid10%Improving pesticide utilization rate,extending the limitation
C-120Clarified Concentrated Liquid20%
OEM-1Chelate Micro ElementsCustomizedAdd any excellent PGA ingredients

Storage and shelf life

Keep under cool dry conditions in unopened packs away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: The liquid types: 6 months , The powder types: 24 months

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