Product Description

CAS No.:7681-93-8

Natamycin (E235) is an anti-fungal compound produced by Streptomyces fermentation. Except  inhibiting the growth of various molds and yeasts, Natamycin can also reduce the production of mycotoxins. As a food preservative, it’s usually used in cheese, cakes and other foods.



Effectively inhibiting yeasts and molds, the minimum inhibitory concentration is usually 1-10mg/kg

High safety with little dosage

Applied on the food surface by spraying or soaking

Applicable to a wide pH range, effective at pH 3-9



Natamycin is difficult to dissolve in water, generally used as suspension. We can spray on the food surface with 0.1% alcohol suspension, or soak food in 0.1% water suspension.



Our Natamycin quality conforms to the national standard of GB25532 and JECFA. Strict quality control is implemented in the production process and our company has passed ISO9001, ISO22000, Halal and Kosher certificates.



500g/bottle, 10kg/carton, 25kg/barrel or customize


Storage and shelf life

Keep under cool dry conditions in unopened packs away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 24 months.



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