Product Description

CAS No.:1414-45-5

Nisin (E234) is an antimicrobial peptide produced by microbial fermentation. It can effectively inhibit the reproduction of Gram-positive bacteria and inhibit heat-resistant Bacillus and spores exclusively. As a food preservative, it’s usually used in meat products, dairy drinks and other fields.



Strong gram positive bacteria inhibitor, can effectively inhibit spore bacteria and their spores.

High safety, can be broken down into a variety of amino acids by human digestive enzymes.

Good stability, in acid conditions, it has significant temperature and pressure resistance.

Good water-solubility, can easily dissolve in cool water.



Make a 5% solution with distilled water. (it dissolves better in in citric acid solution with pH of 4). Stir and dissolve it, then add it to food and mix them thoroughly. This product can be used together with other preservatives.



Our Nisin quality conforms to the national standard of GB 1886.231 and JECFA. Strict quality control is implemented in the production process and our company has passed ISO9001, ISO22000, Halal and Kosher certificates.



500g/bottle, 10kg/carton, 25kg/barrel or customize


Storage and shelf life

Keep under cool dry conditions in unopened packs away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 24 months.


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